Succession Planning/Executive Development

Succession planning is a key service offered by Carzo Associates, L.L.C.  We personally develop a strategy, implementation & action plan for each of our clients.  our background includes working directly with CEO's and board directors to create benchmark programs, which result in a clear direction for future leaders, executive replacement planning requirements, retention of high-potential employees, and a motivated management team.


Every organization will participate in the annual executive development program. the edp is both a worldwide management information tool and a succession planning and review process. the objectives are as follows:

  • Ensure that the executive talent is adequate for key positions and supports operational and strategic business requirements.
  • Source, develop and retain an adequate supply of employees with high-potential management talent to meet business needs.
  • Help executives achieve their career objectives through training and development.


  • The executive development planning program will include all leadership team members and their direct reports.
  • Individual organizations can extend the scope of the program to include other key positions below this level.

Program Initiation

  • The executive development program will be initiated with leadership team members and their direct reports.
  • Management will advise each subordinate at the appropriate level to update his or her personal history form.
  • The manager must ensure that employees included in this program understand the purpose and requirements of the executive development program, assist employees with personal career planning decisions, and recommend potential next moves in support of their goals.

Employee Input

  • Each eligible employee will complete a personal history form.
  • The personal history form provides a uniform means of documenting information important to career planning and development. it also will be used for replacement planning purposes.
  • Employees will complete the form and update as necessary.
  • Managers should understand the employee�s career preferences, background, and job history.


Managers are responsible for documenting their assessment of:

  • Each eligible direct report (edp form is completed)
  • Management succession plans for their respective organization
  • High-potential employees


Validation of edp data is a critical step in this process.  Planned moves and replacement candidates are reviewed and accepted by the respective operating units.  all operating unit heads and the leadership team conduct edp validation & review sessions.  key subjects are:     

  • Succession plans and support documentation
  • High-potential employee identification and development review
  • Critical organization needs

Employee feedback & development

  • The assessing manager is responsible for conducting a feedback and development session with each subordinate in the edp program.


  • The approved plans are implemented as reviewed and approved according to an agreed upon schedule.
  • As positions become available, replacements are to be selected from the validated management development plans.