The success of Carzo Associates, L.L.C. is reflected in the way clients and candidates evaluate the work we do and the results we achieve.  Below are just a few examples.

“We tried on our own for nearly a year to hire the perfect vice president of business development. We realized that we needed help and turned the search over to Carzo Associates, L.L.C. Frank Carzo quickly presented two candidates that were so outstanding we felt either one would exceed our expectations. The choice was a very difficult one but we finally decided to do the only sensible thing. We hired both candidates. Now our only problem is keeping up with the business growth!

Mark A. Boster
Chief Operating Officer
Platinum Solutions

"Carzo Associates, L.L.C. is a pre-eminent executive search firm whose performance is characterized by absolute customer focus and relentless pursuit of the most outstanding candidate for top level executive positions. Frank, himself, sets the standard with his background as a human resource executive in two fortune one hundred companies, and his experience in executive search in the leading national firm. Frank has applied this unique background with diligence and superb judgment in meeting our executive staffing needs. Said simply, he quickly understands our needs, and he satisfies them - without wasted time or effort on our part. We are an extremely satisfied customer."

Ralph Crosby
Chairman and CEO
Eads North America

This past fall, the greater reston chamber of commerce found itself needing a new president & chief executive officer. We approached Carzo Associates, L.L.C. and, from the outset, Frank took on the search with dedication and professionalism. In very short order, he presented the search committee with a slate of well qualified candidates. Frank offered good advice and counsel in helping the chamber to narrow the search further and, ultimately, in selecting a terrific candidate. The chamber is very thankful for the hard work and efforts of the Carzo Associates, L.L.C. team.”

Mark Looney
Greater Reston Chamber of Commerce

"Carzo Associates, L.L.C. exceeded every expectation in my transition from more than twenty years of government service into the private sector. Frank carefully assessed my skill set and experience and expertly translated them into the appropriate executive level positions. Within days, frank identified the perfect match for my area of interest and career goals. I would recommend Carzo Associates, L.L.C. without hesitation. Frank and his staff made what should have been a stressful transition an enjoyable experience."

Robert J. Chiaradio
Managing director, homeland security
Bearing point (formerly kpmg consulting)
Former executive assistant director, fbi

“Frank was with xerox for 20 years. He began his career at the entry-level, recruited directly from college, and became the youngest vice president appointed at xerox, responsible for customer satisfaction and human resources. Frank served as one of nine leadership through quality officers/vice presidents when Xerox faced a significant threat from our Japanese competitors. He also personally managed the succession planning/mrp process for our corporate officers and high-potential employees. His efforts significantly contributed to xerox regaining market share and accomplishing our corporate objectives.

David T. Kearns
Former Chairman and CEO
Xerox Corporation

"Frank is a pleasure to work with. He does his homework and communicates a complete and realistic view of the situation."

Ken Thornton
General Manager, Public Sector

"Carzo Associates, L.L.C. continually provides outstanding candidates for several critical oracle searches. Frank works with us throughout the process and ensures that we source, select and hire the best people possible for our senior level positions. Frank not only introduces candidates with exceptional credentials, he also considers interpersonal dynamics, and presents people who will work well with the existing management team. We also use Carzo Associates, L.L.C. to help with other related issues, and in all cases we are extremely pleased with the results."

Jay Nussbaum
Executive Vice President, Oracle Service Industries
Oracle Corporation


"I Worked with frank for a number of years during my xerox days and he is the most competent and professional human resource professional i know. Frank brings a unique, crisp and pragmatic style and has a way of cutting to the critical decision criteria and issues. He combines this with an amazing ability to rapidly assess a candidate. I have repeatedly found frank's insights to prove accurate and valuable."

John Shoemaker
VP and General Manager, Desktop and Server Systems Businesses
Sun Microsystems, inc.

"Frank Carzo is a true professional with outstanding insights, discretion, competence and loyalty. He is thorough and has the timely follow through that insures total satisfaction for the client and candidate. Frank has produced outstanding results time and time again. His clients become friends and his friends become clients. I have the utmost confidence in his ability and his integrity."

Floyd I. Clarke
Vice president, Corporate Compliance
Macandrews & Forbes Holdings, inc.
Former deputy director and acting director, FBI

“Given our company's rapid growth, last year we found ourselves in need of two experienced top-notch senior-level managers. Within days, carzo associates, llc had scheduled a number of interviews with several highly qualified candidates from which to choose. We made those hires and several more. We continue to use Carzo Associates, llc, especially for hard-to-find positions. The Carzo team is highly professional and we are very satisfied.”

Paul R. Brubaker
SI International, inc.

"Frank Carzo is a stand up, public service-oriented CEO of a pre-eminent executive search firm. He recently provided critical help to us in identifying senior executives for service on the overseas schools advisory council of the U.S. Department of State. The council, composed of senior executives from prominent u.s. businesses with overseas operations, provides advice and assistance to the department to enhance the educational programs of 200 american overseas schools. These institutions provide an american-style education to the children of overseas employees of U.S. corporations and the U.S. government. I could not have been more pleased with Frank's performance, which was characterized by insight, dedication, and resourcefulness. In no time at all, he introduced us to a candidate with exceptional credentials for council membership and offered to continue to assist in finding other senior executives for council service who can make a difference. I am deeply grateful for Frank's outstanding public service to the council, the department of state, and to the 100,000 students in american overseas schools."

Keith D. Miller
Executive Secretary, Overseas Schools Advisory Council and Director, Office of Overseas Schools
United States Department of State

"Frank began the assignment by spending a significant amount of time understanding microstrategy's businesses, goals and timetable for this important matter. That investment paid off. We began our search with the expectation of hiring a single board member, however, through frank's efforts we were actually able to add two prominent new members to our board. Throughout the entire process, the staff at Carzo Associates, L.L.C. proved themselves to be extremely responsive, flexible, and professional. We are very pleased with the outcome and would hope to continue using frank and his firm in the future."

Michael Saylor
Chief Executive Officer
Microstrategy, inc.

"Frank recently recruited me to serve on a board of directors. In addition to my appointment, we discussed other business leaders and the importance of building a superior team that could work together and contribute to his client's success. I am very pleased with my personal experience with Carzo Associates, L.L.C., the total selection process and the other new members that were appointed to the board. Frank's efforts will significantly help us achieve our business goals."

Jack Kemp
Empower America

"Frank Carzo was a valued part of team xerox. He's a consummate professional, results-oriented and a pleasure to work with."

Paul Allaire
Chairman & CEO
Xerox Corporation

"In mid 2001, the women's center contacted Carzo Associates, L.L.C. asking for assistance in finding and hiring a chief operating officer to run the day-to-day operations of the center. Because we were limited by the compensation we could offer the candidates, we were amazed and delighted by the intelligence, awareness, and ingenuity of the women frank introduced to us. There were a number of attributes that we were looking for in a COO for this private, non-profit firm, and we knew he "had it right" when we talked to the very first candidate - the one, by the way, whom we ultimately hired. Frank and his staff proved to be thorough, intuitive, and creative in their approach to solving our hiring need."

Sharon Mcdonald
Chairman, Board of Directors
The Women's Center

"Carzo Associates, L.L.C. is extremely responsive. There is a clear feeling of a focused effort. Our interest is always a priority. we are always treated as though we are their most important client."

Richard Randazzo
Senior Vice President Human Resources
Federal Mogul Corporation

"Frank Carzo has been a personal and professional friend for ten years. He has made and continues to make significant contributions to this university in directly sharing his business acumen and experience with various departments and university administrators. He is warm, personable, intelligent, thorough, and confidential. His instincts about people are right on the mark. His insights for problem solving are sound and convincing. His expertise has proved a valuable resource for me individually and institutionally."

Ronald E. Carrier
James Madison University

"Frank believes very strongly in what he is doing. He also has an ability to work well and effectively, a desire to help people, and he does it all with the idea of getting the deal closed. He's an ideal recruiter."

William C. Hoover
President & CEO
American Systems Corporation

"Every organization is unique when it comes to executive search, but lending that expertise to a partnership can present some additional challenges. What is not different is the need to take the time to understand what the client is really saying and translate that into a meaningful message which generates results. Frank Carzo has demonstrated the ability to do that - and do it very well."

Rick Drankoski
Director of Human Resources
Paul, Weiss, Rifkind, Wharton & Garrison