Executive Consulting

Senior-level executives have specific needs that require professional assessment, guidance and organized programs. Changes at this level may have a significant effect on the organization, division or company as a whole. Carzo Associates, L.L.C. recognizes these needs. Based on our experience, expertise, and understanding, Carzo Associates, L.L.C. will provide each client with customized services tailored to their individual needs.

Executive Coaching

  • Identify individual's talents, skills, qualifications, and aspirations.
  • Pinpoint specific areas of improvement in order to perform at optimum level.
  • Assist in developing a growth path which utilizes all strengths and achieves ultimate goals.
  • Discuss, evaluate and resolve important current business questions, as well as any potential future issues and risks.
  • Create a strategy to advance via exposure and networking.
  • Improve leadership, communication, decision-making, and risk assessment skills, among others.

Executive Compensation

  • Work with corporate clients to design executive compensation plans that align with current business objectives/strategies (for example, pay performance-based delivery programs).
  • Work with individual executives to assist in negotiating terms of prospective internal or external changes to their current positions.

Executive Career Transition

  • Discuss timing/rationale relative to making a career decision.
  • Discuss realistic opportunities in current marketplace.
  • Assist in identifying specific opportunities with exceptional companies that match the client's background.
  • Assist in all compensation negotiations.




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